New Writing: 12-Bar Blues in Pilgrimage

New Writing: 12-Bar Blues in Pilgrimage

A story I wrote, 12-Bar Blues, is in this fine publication.

You’ll find a short story I wrote, 12-Bar Blues, in this fine publication.

I’m very pleased to announce that one of my short stories, 12-Bar Blues, has been published by Pilgrimage. Right now, it’s only available in print. Consider ordering a copy and showing your support for this fine literary journal. Though the Pilgrimage Press website needs updating to include this issue, you can still order…

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Falling In (and Sometimes Out of) Love, the Filmmaker Way

Some filmmakers have fickle hearts others steadfast hearts. Here’s a post about that. And about a film I made 10 years ago, and dance, and inspiration, etc.

Not that long ago I went to an event near my home, Midsummer Night Swing. It’s put on every summer by Lincoln Center. They erect a dance floor in one of the plazas, invite some amazing musicians to perform danceable music of many genres (swing, merengue, salsa disco and more), and let the paying public on the dance floor while a whole other dance scene takes place beyond the dance floor. There is…

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Me on The Unknown Zone Interviewed by Yvonne Delet

Me on The Unknown Zone Interviewed by Yvonne Delet

Last year, the brilliant and wickedly funny Yvonne Delet invited me to be a guest on her podcast, The Unknown Zone. I thought at the time that it was audio only. But noooooo! Yvonne also had a camera running. Kind of wish I had known that, I would have been better behaved.

After the show, hugs and smiles, but no $1,000,000 chocolate bar.

After the show, hugs and smiles, but no $1,000,000 chocolate bar. l. to r. Yvonne Delet, David Licata, Gerard Mignone.


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A Quote About Why You’re Here

A quote about why you’re here by Louise Erdrich and a photograph by Peter LaMastro.

Here’s a quote from writer Louise Erdrich.

Photo by Peter LaMastro.

Photo by Peter LaMastro.

Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or…

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Space and Pace

Space and Pace: Listening to jazz guitarist Bill Frisell inspires some thoughts on finding the right pace when editing film.

I’ve been thinking a lot about space. Not as in “outer space” but as in breadth. I’ve also been thinking a lot about breath, about the unconscious breath that occurs between sentences, and about catching one’s breath after a dramatic moment. And of course thinking about the cinematic equivalent of these things.

Part of this is jazz guitarist Bill Frisell’s fault because I’ve been kind of obsessed…

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Selling It!

10_percent_Happier_Dan_HarrisI recently finished reading a book, 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-help That Actually Works : A True Story, written by television news anchor Dan Harris. It’s the tale of Harris’ spiritual journey, from a boy whose parents told him in one breath that Santa Claus and God did not exist to covering the religion beat for ABC News…

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Guess How Old I Am Today?

Guess How Old I Am Today?

I’m this many years.


I was born in 2009. On this date there was one post, written by this Licata guy, and no comments.

Now, five years later, there are 490 posts (not including this one), post written by guest bloggers, and 1,165 comments.

Thank you stopping by, for reading, for commenting, and for sharing.

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Birds of A Life’s Work

In capturing footage for the documentary A Life’s Work, the cinematographers sometimes trained their cameras on birds. Here are a few of those shots.

Like most people, birds fascinate me. I’m not birder, not even close, but I enjoy listening to and looking at them. I also enjoy filming them, when they’ll cooperate.

Here are some shots the cinematographers of A Life’s Workcaptured. The first two minutes were shot by Wolfgang Held in Copemish and Manistee, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, and Cordes Junction (Arcosanti), Arizona. I shot the next…

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Soleri Bells

In case you don’t know, Arcosanti generates much of its income through the sale of wind bells designed by Paolo Soleri.

Soleri wind bells in the gift shop at Arcosanti.

Soleri wind bells in the gift shop at Arcosanti.

How did Soleri begin designing and selling bells?


And I’m now trying to incorporate a short and not so complicated version of that story into the film, with visuals we shot of the bronze bells being made in the foundry. It’s…

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Conversations with Friends, Part 2

Conversations with Friends, Part 2

Not too long ago I was speaking with my friend S. about something other than film and art. He said, “In my experience, whenever you try to force something, it doesn’t work.”

Advice like this no one wants to hear, myself included. I believe I can will things to happen. It’s magical thinking. It’s how I deal with the uncertainty of my life at various times.

But it’s also true of film and art.…

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